The reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I’m traveling through Australia. If you want to check out my photo travel blog: katherinejanewanderings.tumblr.com


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Kiss From A Lamb, Ist January, 1939


Kiss From A Lamb, Ist January, 1939

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"Affection as well as discipline for her humped animals brought Aussie Robyn Davidson safely to journey’s end. With four camels and a dog named Diggity, young Davidson ventured 1700 miles across Australia’s western wilderness. Photograph by Rick Smolan." - Alone Across the Outback, National Geographic, May 1978.

In 1977 Robyn Davidson spent nine months walking through the desert from Alice Springs to the coast of Western Australia with her dog and four camels. She had had no intention of writing about the journey, but eventually agreed to write an article for National Geographic Magazine.The National Geographic article was published in 1978 and attracted so much interest that Davidson decided to write a book about the experience. In the 30 years since, her memoir Tracks has never been out of print.

In anticipation of the film Tracks being released tomorrow, I fished out the May 1978 edition of National Geographic from my 39-year collection

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Trans Guy on a Mission: FTM Top Surgery Fund



Hi friends! 

I’ve started an Indiegogo to raise money to help pay for top surgery since my insurance has denied me coverage for it. We’re going live today and the campaign will run for the next 60 days or until I reach my goal of $3250. I want to go ahead and thank everyone who has helped me to set this up. You guys are the best! Please help me to spread the word about this fundraiser and thank you if you are able to donate as well!


If you’re in a position to, please help my dear friend Dylan with his top surgery, which was denied coverage under his current insurance!

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  • Europeans: I drove forty minutes to the Netherlands for some groceries and then I popped into Germany to see some of my relatives before driving back home.
  • Americans: I was in Florida, I drove for nine hours, now I'm still in Florida.
  • Western Australians: Wow. That's adorable.
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Lee Price creates realistic oil paintings, that show women and food in their intimate and private settings. The pictures are self-portraits of her, getting excessive with food that is considered indulgent, forbidden, or comforting. Her works addresses the intersections of food with body image, addiction, and unabating desire.


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My favorite Australian animal thus far: the quokka.